A total of 10 steel balconies are to be installed on a building facade in Berlin. Proposed Installation will take place in two stages. In the first round, scaffolding will be installed and steel consoles will be mounted to the wall to provide fixing points for the balconies. The steel structure will then be assembled on site and fixed to the steel consoles. A 3D colour laser scan was captured to provide data for detailed CAD design. Data was registered and exported to CAD software for drafting straight from point cloud. Based on laser scan data, 2D CAD drawing with precise location of window and door openings was created. Then, designed layout of steel consoles was superimposed with CAD drawing giving final deliverable i.e. coordinates of steel consoles in reference to windows and doors openings. This deliverable enabled precise definition of steel consoles coordinates before scaffolding is installed and allows to define drilling points (for steel consoles installation). This index and give reference to any easily accessible characteristic point e.g. corner of window to work to. This video footage shows a walkthrough in the cloud of this facade.