IH3935-1 NORTH STAR SHIPPING GRAMPIAN TALISKER – Headcam Video of the candidate rework piping system –

During the walk around of the site survey briefing phase between Dales Engineering Services and strategic Alliances partner Rig Engineering along with Vessel Personnel, hard hat camera mounted Camcorder has been used to record the survey area where the operational troublesome area of the piping system in the engine room deck has been reported. Existing area highlighted by operations personnel are captured in this standard camcorder video. This video can be used as supplementary information to Laser Scan cloud data, project briefing, general view and for Project Familiarisation. For cloud scan walk through, refer to IH3935 NORTH STAR SHIPPING GRAMPIAN TALISKER – Laser Scan Survey for piping asset maintenance – For 360 degree Panotour colour photographs, refer to 3935 – 2 NORTH STAR SHIPPING GRAMPIAN TALISKER – 360 Degree Survey Photographs – Both of these data and site survey reports are distributed to Dales Engineering Services and archived in RE Archive Data for current and future projects associated with North Star Shipping as part of whole of life maintenance archive.