A wellhead re-entry guide cone will be integrated in to an existing BOP for well intervention in the upcoming program. Neither of the components come with certified dimensional drawings to which engineering detailed design, analysis and fabrication can commence. This video therefore traces the start of the engineering process through to the end point of the work flow life cycle i.e. from “cradle to grave” to allow for the optimum design process to be realised. Laser scan cloud data for both components as well as Christmas Tree was carried out using 3D colour laser scanning technology. Once the guide cone was modelled In 3D CAD environment, detailed design to suit functional requirements was carried out and followed by Finite Element Assessment to simulate the response of the proposed design when subjected to impact load – stabbing in to the well head mandrel. To keep man-hours and cost to a minimum, only the new part in CAD is modelled and this allows direct porting back in to the cloud without modelling the offshore environment in to expensive 3D CAD normally deployed by other design house. Clash check using data from Offshore Operations Personnel has been used to simulate the path from BOP set back area over to the moon pool location where the head room is reported to be most critical. Video walkthrough charted this path to allow Project Team to do the “dry run” ahead of the operation itself.