IH3650-1 IN THE CLOUD 3D DESIGN TO FABRICATION AND INSTALLATION PACKAGE –Engineering Workflow Assisted by Virtual Installation Walkthrough–

Approved For Construction (AFC) drawings package that are provided at the time the vessel was delivered, rarely contains deviation / site fit detail to show final, certified Ship Yard As Built (SYAB). Recognising this and couple with post-delivery added construction, interaction with piping, electrical components entering and residing in the same space, Rig Engineering routinely do the detailed design in the cloud scan itself. This way, clash check, no “Green Stock” and visualisation of how the proposed design and construction will look, can be finalised and closed out long before the actual physical installation phase begins. In this example, the existing area has been colour laser scan and the new construction, shown in GREEN colour, can be visualised and clash free installation is assured. For original colour laser scan to which this virtual construction was superimposed on to, refer to 3560-2 GALAXY III HELIDECK CONSTRUCTION VERSUS SYAB FOR DESIGN SANITY CHECK– Engineering work flow assisted by 3D Panoramic Cloud scan –