Standard survey video walk around of the focsle deck in way of the port and starboard Smit bracket (towing pads), closed chock component (fairleader) and Ballast water tanks P1 and S1 below, was captured for subsequent briefing with project team for reverse engineering to confirm the tow capacity and arbitrate if any, of that the original rating assigned to the brackets in the Ship Yard As Built Drawings. This walk around shows the existing tow pad layouts and chain pull angle through the fairleaders, the under deck scantlings, insert plates and stiffening in way of the tow pads and fairleaders. The video footage can then be used by the project team to confirm existing as built state for reverse engineering, FEA and assist with model/analysis, establish strengthening proposals with clash free functional layout should it be deemed necessary. For additional information, please also refer to 3997 GALAXY 1 TOW SYSTEM SITE SURVEY PHOTOGRAPHIC RECORD.

Time Counter 00:00 for Port Forward Bracket and Fairlead
Time Counter 03:33 for Inside Port Forward Ballast Water Tank P1
Time Counter 05:42 for Starboard Forward Tow System Smit Bracket and Fairlead
Time Counter 08:50 for Inside Starboard Forward Ballast Water Tank S1