A walk around video to document the as built condition of mud logging cabin supporting structure that has been vacated recently to receive VECS unit has been created during a site visit in March 2017. This video includes the walk around on main deck underneath and all around the mud logging cabin, extending in to the substructure area of the rig. Upper portion of the supporting structure just under the level of the main pipe deck has also been included in this video capture. The video footage can also be used by the project team to confirm existing as built state for reverse engineering, FEA model/analysis, establish strengthening proposals with clash free functional layout. For cloud laser scan, refer also to 3980-2 SEDCO 712 LASER SCAN VIDEO WALKTHROUGH. For 360 degree Panotour pictures of the area, refer to 3980 SEDCO 712 VECS INSTALLATION 360 COLOUR PANOTOUR. All of these survey data consisting of laser scan, video footage and 360 photographs are distributed to Transocean and archived in RE Sedco 712 Project Data and rig general arrangement for current and future projects associated with Sedco 712 Support.