As part of the project survey on Sedco 712, laser scanning method has been used to supplement conventional means such as tape, rulers, DISTO measuring devices etc. This particular survey assignment lends itself for this laser scanning process due to significant amount of data to be surveyed, height access restriction and lack of clear line of sight between area inside and outside substructure due to wind wall. As such, laser scanning has been deployed and any attributes that fall within captured ranges of the laser scanner are also captured. This includes, VECS placement candidate area, substructure, BOP general areas and all structural scantlings and piping attributes in between which represent true state of the area during that scanning dates. For the 360 colour Panotour output which is compiled from laser scanning process, refer also to 3980 SEDCO 712 VECS INSTALLATION 360 COLOUR PANOTOUR. For standard video taken by project surveyor relating to the VECS Installation, refer to 3981 SEDCO 712 VECS REELER – HEADCAM VIDEO. For area inside the substructure forward of the VECS installation that also shows the track for tree handling system refers to 3982 SEDCO 712 EX SEDCO 704 SKID BEAM INSTALLATION SURVEY HEADCAM VIDEO. All of these survey data consisting of laser scan, video footage and 360 photographs are distributed to Transocean and archived in RE Sedco 712 Project Data and rig general arrangement for current and future projects associated with Sedco 712 Support.