A walk around the current state of Sedco 714 BOP was captured via RE Surveyor’s Headcam Video as part of Rig Engineering survey deliverable. This video footage forms part of the reverse engineering drafting process. Along with the colour laser scan, both of this background information will be used during the drafting of the new As Built BOP framing under RE Job Number 3865 for Clash Check Application. This video footage was confined to walk around of the BOP package and LMRP package for general visualisation purpose. For colour cloud laser scan data, refer also to 3860-1 Sedco 714 – BOP and LMRP Package Laser Scan for Reverse Engineering – Laser Scan Video Walk Through as well as 3860-2 Sedco 714 Colour Panoramic Photographic Records of BOP. This data is distributed to Transocean and is archived in RE Subsea Data for current and future projects associated with Sedco 714 Support.