3811-1 JOHN SHAW – AKER WELLHEAD CONNECTOR AND TEST STUMP –Laser Scan Survey for Dimensional Control & Design Purposes–

A panoramic 3D colour laser scan has been carried out on the proposed AKER connector and test stump at Neptune, Stonehaven. This captured colour cloud scan will be used during the design and drafting of the new John Shaw wellhead frame under RE Job Number 3811 for TAQA Application. It will be stored at RE Vault for future support and to troubleshoot on this related subject of new wellhead frame to replace existing HC connector. This walk through video footage was constructed from the colour cloud scan collected at Neptune Warehouse at Stonehaven. For Headcam video walk through data, refer to 3811 – John Shaw – Aker Wellhead Connector And Test Stump Survey Headcam Video. Both of these data are distributed to Transocean John Shaw and archived in RE Subsea Data for current and future projects associated with John Shaw Support.