3773-14 – PARAGON MSS1 – BALLAST AND SEAWATER SERVICE DOUBLE ISOLATION VALVES – Background Work to Accommodate Modification to Existing System-

Following Headcam video walk through while Rig Engineering surveyor was on board the vessel, refer to 3773-2 Paragon MSS1 Ballast And Seawater Service Double Isolation Valve Survey Headcam Video, a portable 3D laser scanning / surveying device was used to capture the volume of the work place in this specific area. For walkthrough inside cloud scan of this area in existing stage i.e. Pre Modification, please refer to 3773-13 – Paragon MSS1 – Ballast And Seawater Service Double Isolation Valves. Animation of components removal to make way for the new parts deemed necessary for the intended modification thereafter, is then developed under this 3773-14. Once the proposed design is done, the intended installation sequence, clash check etc. can be simulated in this 3D cloud environment. Combination video and future virtual walk through of the new installation (ahead of actual physical works) will aid the on shore project team and their contractors during project meeting, design briefings and ahead of physical work slated to be done in 2016 i.e. from survey to commissioning.