This video familiarisation footage has been captured with the use of Rig Engineering survey tool ( A 3D laser scanning portable device) during a site visit on-board the Paragon MSS1 Semi-Submersible drilling unit, July 2015. The purpose of this site visit was to glean information for the various work scopes planned to be executed during the 2016 Out Of Service period (OOS). During the 2016 OOS the Koomey mix tank is planned to be enlarged to meet API requirements. The current arrangement of the existing Koomey mix tank has been laser captured and will allow for the concept of the tank extension to be designed inside the cloud. The harnessed data can also be used to perform clash checks with the aim to remove any unplanned onsite works. This video will also aid the on shore project team and their contractors during project meeting and briefings. For Headcam video walk through data, refer to 3773-7 KOOMEY Mix Tank Extension Survey Headcam Video.