3773-11 PARAGON MSS 1 SURVEY HEADCAM for 2016 Out Of Services – Extent of Survey –

This walkthrough video familiarisation footage has been captured during a site visit on-board the Paragon MSS1 Semi-Submersible drilling unit, July 2015. The purpose of this site visit was to glean information for the various work scopes planned to be executed during the 2016 Out Of Service period (OOS). This walkthrough video is a full length video combining a total 10 work scope video in to one. This video will also aid the on shore project team and their contractors during project meeting and briefings. Each individual video consisting of numeric 3773-XX is also available in separate web link.

Time Counter 00:06 for 3773-1 – MA9 Underdeck Column Access.
Time Counter 04:30 for 3773-2 – Ballast and Saltwater Service Double Isolation Valves.
Time Counter 06:38 for 3773-3 – MA17 – Sewage Overboard Replacement.
Time Counter 07:21 for 3773-4 – MA22 – Seawater Overboard.
Time Counter 08:41 for 3773-5 – D7 – Drill String Compensator Valve.
Time Counter 10:47 for 3773-6 –MA16 – Perimeter Helideck Netting Support.
Time Counter 13:12 for 3773-7 –S10 – Koomey Mix Tank.
Time Counter 16:25 for 3773-8 – S10 – Koomey Piping Modifications.
Time Counter 17:25 for 3773-9 –S9 – APV Flange Replacement.
Time Counter 19:39 for 3773-10 –MA2 & MA3 – Anchor Winch Repair.