3754 Sedco 704 Maersk Subsea Tree Survey 2015

This walkthrough video familiarisation footage has been captured during a site visit at Advantec’s facility at Kirkwood industrial estate, July 2015. The purpose of this site visit was to plan and discuss the 3D panoramic laser scanning strategy of the subsea tree. Recordings from the Hardhat Mounted Camera provide the viewer with a walkthrough of the subsea tree and the tree’s transport skid. This video will also aid the on shore engineering department during the necessary design works/clash checking and interface between Maersk’s open water guide cone that will be mounted on the Sedco 704 BOP. For information of this interface engineering work, refer to 3754-1 Sedco 704 Maersk Subsea Tree #7 Laser Scan 2015 and 3735 Sedco 704 BOP Open Water Guide Cone Site Survey.