3754-1 Sedco 704 Maersk Subsea Tree #7 Laser Scan 2015

As part of an ongoing work scope to modify a Maersk owned open water guide cone to allow its use with the Transocean Sedco 704 BOP, Rig Engineering have been requested to perform a 3D panoramic laser scan of a subsea tree that Maersk have stored at Advantec’s Kirkwood industrial estate facility. The laser scan survey was performed in July 2015. The primary purpose of this survey is to glean sufficient data to allow an interface check to be performed between the Sedco 704 BOP complete with the modified open water guide cone and the subsea tree, the aim being to detect and remove any and all potential clashes prior to physical fabrication works. During the laser scan survey we captured the as built condition of the subsea tree, the overtrawlable leg structures and the tree’s transport skid. The following fly through video created inside the to-scale 3D point cloud file displays the areas captured. For more information relating to this laser scan site survey please refer to the headcam video walkthrough, refer video no: 3754 Sedco 704 Maersk Subsea Tree Survey 2015 and 3735 Sedco 704 BOP Open Water Guide Cone Site Survey.