3D Laser Scanning Services Case Study – Zwierzyniecki Bridge, Wroclaw Poland

3D Laser Scanning Services

Deployed Colour Laser Scanning Equipment:
• Z+F Scanner
• Leica Total Station

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Service Description

The Rig Engineering branch located in Wroclaw Poland undertook the laser scanning of one of the famous landmarks of the city – the Zweierzyniecki bridge. This historic bridge spans 62 meters, 22 meters wide and 14 meters high. This bridge was design by German engineers in 1897 and is a single span arch formed truss type bridge structure interlaced with bracing with suspended deck. The Rig Engineering team utilised 23 scanning positions during the single day project to capture this grand structure and immortalise it in a 3D Colour Point cloud. The laser scanned data will be archived on Rig Engineers servers and can be made available to local Wroclaw conservatory organisation for any future requirements whether for the extraction of detailed measurements, additional design or modifications works or simply for historical records. The case study below examines the numerous possibilities and benefits for of using this method of data capture for this and similar projects.

Details have been provided below of some of the most interesting scanning projects and how we have harvested the data to give maximum benefit and accurate cost effective solutions to our clients.

Design Process Inside Point Cloud

• Reach Inaccessible Areas

• High Accuracy

• Dimensional Data Bank

• Z+F Zoller Frölich Accuracy

• Fast Data Gathering

• Million Data Points Captured Per Second

Investigate Every Detail

• Extract Detailed Measurements

• Perform Vehicle Size Restriction Checks

• Take Readings from Hard to Reach Areas

Examine the Work Site from the Office

• Reference to Real World Points

• Conversion to CAD

• Legible Presentation of Real World Object

Examples of Extracted Views from Point Cloud

• Colour Ortho Photos

• Spherical Photo Maps

• Sections and Views Made to Order