Case Study LFM Server

Post Processing of Laser Scan

Company Name of Equipment: Zoller + Fröhlich
Equipment Type: Z+F
Software: LFM SERVER
Project description
Typical example below, initiated by Rig Engineering for the purpose of permanent records for subsequent checking, comparison and dimensional interrogation such as in the case of the Sedco 704 BOP prior to rework. DIDON Tanker bow was laser scanned since there was no up to date as built to do detail engineering design and conversion to convert standard mooring system to Tri Catenary Mooring System (TCMS). Kitty Knutsen was laser scanned before she departed to Singaporean Shipyard to be converted to FPSO. Point Cloud data from the laser scan allowed Rig Engineering to be ahead and produce design and fabrication drawings while the vessel was en route to Shipyard. Trident 14 helideck was laser scanned for detailed modification and a feasibility study was made for relocating existing helideck to the new location.

Rig Engineering operates LFM LASER SCAN POST PROCESSING SERVER perpetual license from Zoller + Frohlich to post process scan files (Point Clouds). Our trained personnel uses this software to interrogate clash check, extract data for dimensional detailed design, creating Finite Element Assessment (FEA) Model etc..from it Although we do not supply scanning service, we arrange this facility on behalf of clients to allow for data to be available without the needs for scaffolding , access etc. that prohibits the use of conventional surveying method. We can also receive a free issued selected type of scan files if this is available. We provide Contract Review for the laser scanning company outlining specific data that is required and specific application that is driving the needs, to have the laser scan done.
Engagement Condition
Send us description of your problem and we can tailor a solution to meet your need.

We require Point Cloud, Data scan file in IPM form for subsequent post processing.
Key word: Laser Scan, Point cloud, LFM Server, Survey Technology without access, Distortion check, clash check, Derrick Track alignment, Sub structure deformation check