Case Study 2542 Banana Sheave

Paul B. Loyd Junior Sheave Supporting System Verification

Rig Name: Paul B. Loyd Junior
Rig Type: semi-submersible
Owner name: Transocean Ltd.
Classification Society: DNV
Code design: AISC, 9th edition

Model 3D
Please download PDF version to see 3D model – click here

Project description
Paul B Loyd Junior Operations Personnel and Project Team have recently done the functional review of the existing BOP pod hose spooling system. The current system is based on fixed sheave mounting installed underneath the drill floor. Although certain amount of the out plane movements of the sheave is currently being offered by the existing system, it has been concluded that better performance in spooling can be gained. Rig Engineering was tasked with providing ‘swivel’ system to accommodate variable fleet angle during hauling in and paying out of pod hose.
System Global Assessment Extent

Local Detail Assessment Extent

R.E. Scope of work
Rig Engineering was tasked to assist in sizing and provide fabrication drawings of the pod hose system that would allow better spooling of the pod hose during the paying out and hauling in of the hose. A ‘swinging beam’ system from TOI was analyzed and fabrication drawings supplied to shipyard during the Special Periodical Survey in 2010-2011. The system also allows for the sheave to be pull back to the nearby maintenance location for ease of on site internal inspection.
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