Case Study 2485 Prospect – Mouse Hole

Prospect Mouse Hole

Rig Name: Prospect
Rig Type: semi-submersible
Owner name: Transocean Ltd.
Classification Society: DNV
Pertinent code: ASD (WSD method)

Model 3D
Please download PDF version to see 3D model – click here

Project description
Rig Engineering (RE) has been tasked by Transocean Inc. (TOI) to check capacity of existing mouse hole. The analysis approach is generally in accordance with the requirement of the DNV-OS-C201 Structural Design of Offshore Units (WSD Method), October 2008. Load criteria used for calculations and screening have been defined based on information supplied by the client

Existing Mouse hole in use

FE Model and stress state visualization

R.E. Scope of work
Step by step actions were done to establish the load carrying capacity of the existing mouse hole in current use. These are:
A) From rig supplied photo, generate questionnaires to allow geometry and thickness of the construction to be drawn up.
B) Built FEA structural model of the mouse hole based on the rig supplied information.
C) Load the structural FEA model with various combination of tubular inside with particular emphasis placed on the concentric loading at the bottom of the disc at the mouse hole’s end.
D) Arrive and report at various loading limit.
E) Provide recommended means to improve on the performance of the existing construction and issue fabrication drawings for offshore implementation.
Engagement Condition
Upload your problem to us and give us relevant input to allow us to resolve your problem, we will need:
1. Dimensions of mouse hole and deck hole.
2. Drill collar number and length.
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