Case Study 2188 Monarch Skid Beam Scatling

Monarch Skid Beam Scatling

Rig Name: Monarch
Rig Type: Jack – Up
Owner name: Transocean
Classification Society: ABS
Pertinent code: Sname
Code design: ASD

Model 3D
Please download PDF version to see 3D model – click here
Project description
Some deformation was found on the AFT drill floor skid beam on the Monarch. The underlying cause and the time frame that caused this permanent deformation were not known. Early indication from Operations suggested that this may have been formed at the time that the rig was suffering from the effect of scouring. However, there is no incident report available to confirm or give out the detailed information of this phenomenon.

LFM Server
R.E. Scope of work
In order to ascertain the extent of the local deformation and possible global deflection of the cantilever and skid beam itself, Laser Scan Technique was deployed to capture the images which can later on be compared with the future monitoring of this deformation. The advantage of the Laser Scan is that any deformed location can be interrogated for the net amount of distortion locally or globally by slicing the images using LFM Server, post processing software. This was done at Rig Engineering and the extent of deformation was reported back to Transocean.For more information about Laser Scan Technique visit:
Upload your problem to us and give us relevant input to allow us to resolve your problem we will need:1. As built of structure to prepare 3D model. 2. Static loads 3. Detailed information about skid beam moving system.
Key word: Monarch, Jack-up, Transocean, Skied Beam, Scaling, Flange damaged, local buckling, laser scan, post process, point cloud