Case Study 2003 Didon

Didon Tanker Modification to FPSO

Rig Name: DIDON
Rig Type: Converted Tanker.
Owner name: PA Resources.
Classification Society: ABS.
Pertinent code: ABS FPSO.
In Collaboration with: Mooring Systems Ltd. Risertec.

Model 3D
Please download PDF version to see 3D model – click here

Project description
Conversion of conventional tanker into Floating Production Facility by installing patented Tri Catenary Mooring System (TCMS) and export riser facility at the bow. TCMS system is based on Mooring Systems Limited. (MSL)

FEA Model


R.E. Scope of work
Rig Engineering (RE) was tasked by Mooring Systems Ltd. (MSL) to assist with installing MSL Tri Catenary Mooring System (TCMS) and bow modification to allow for the handling of the chain and riser export system. Various structural modelling and strengthening has been made to accommodate the dead man anchor, surge connector, chute and gantry system for chain and export riser handling. This conversion work was done on the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) classed vessel, DIDON, in to Floating Production Facility. All submittal to ABS has been done on behalf of MSL Limited and consisting of FEA, installation drawing and technical support during the entire shipyard period until the vessel successfully hook up with pre laid TCMS ground chain and the oil is in full flow.
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1. As built of structure to create 3D FEA model.
2. Static and environmental loads of tanker and mooring system.
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